HereNow is a teen-led community for mental health and wellness.The HereNow app is a new way for teens to connect with others to share their stories and find real answers to their mental health questions and concerns.

The HereNow app allows teens to:

  • Ask questions about mental health and get REAL, personalized answers.

  • Share articles, videos, and art that inspires and build resilience.

  • Read articles and content written by teens about tons of topics — including failure, test anxiety, and depression.

  • Connect to mental health and wellness events for teens in their communities.

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Touching The Heart is a unique text-messaging program provided by Jewish Family Houston (JFS), that provides messages of support and well-being for high school seniors through graduate school, as well as young professionals and parents.

Research shows that friendly messages can support a sense of belonging and overall wellbeing, ultimately helping to reduce isolation and prevent suicide in this ever-changing world.


Touching the heart gives:

  • A text message of support every two weeks

  • Wellness tips, inspiration and information for high school seniors, college and graduate students, young professionals and parents

  • An easy way to maintain resilience

  • An opportunity to text back and connect with a member of the TTH team

  • A free service for all in the respective age groups


Teens can often feel overwhelmed by the complexities of their lives. They want support, but they don’t want it from adults. They crave it from other teens.

Teen Talk is a free mobile app that helps teens take control of their social and emotional health by providing an easy way for them to get help from the group of people they trust most: their peers.

Teens can use the app to safely and anonymously discuss their lives and concerns with teen advisors who have been professionally trained to help them with a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, relationships, family issues, school, and more.

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