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5:00 - 6:30 PM EST

Cultivating Gratitude:

A Strong Women Fellowship End-of-Year Celebration for Mental Health Awareness Month

Organization: JumpSpark

Audience: Jewish Teens


Join Lili Stadler, Strong Women Fellow, Blue Dove Foundation Intern, and author of the Jewish Teen Gratitude Journal, and her mother, Chere Stadler, School Counselor and Director of Peer Leadership, New Student Orientation, and Girl Talk Programs at The Weber School, for an interactive workshop about Judaism, mental health and gratitude.



11:00 - 12:00 PM EST

Mental Health Morning

Organization: TBDJ

Audience: Adults 18+

Beyond the Diagnosis: Life as a Jewish Depressed Mental Health Advocate

MAY 16

5:00 PM EST

EmpowHER Magazine Virtual Launch Party

Organization: Moving Traditions

Audience: Teens


EmpowHER magazine was created by 3 Jewish girls who are a part of Moving Tradition's Kol Koleinu. This project was created to uplift the voices of non-men who experience ableism as these voices are often left out of conversations and the media. We would love to see you at our magazine launch party.

MAY 23

8:00 PM EST

Laughing Matters: Jewish Teens Tackle Mental Health

Organization: HereNow and The Blue Dove Foundation

Audience: Teens


A night of comedy and laughter about celebrating mental health and resilience through comedy. Join teens making their comedy debut and professional stand-up comedians for a night of laughter!

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Jewish Teen Gratitude Journal

Organization: The Blue Dove Foundation

Audience: Jewish Teens


In Judaism, Shabbat is a time when we reflect upon our week. In this gratitude journal, the prompts mirror this idea, with a prompt for the beginning, middle, and end of the week. The first allows you to set goals for yourself for the upcoming week. The second celebrates the small accomplishments you undertook thus far. And the third, the reflection that comes with the tradition of Shabbat, is about the crux of your gratitude for the week prior. The journal consists of fifty-two pages, one per week, for analyzing your life, encouraging you to practice gratitude for a few moments every week. Your mindset can change with the littlest habits, so let’s give it a try!

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Gratitude ECards

Organization: Gratitude ECards

Audience: All Are Welcome


Gratitude can improve self-esteem, enhance empathy, increase mental strength, and even help you sleep better. Join BBYO and the Blue Dove Foundation throughout Mental Health Awareness Month by showing your gratitude to your family and friends with these uniquely designed Blue Dove Foundation and BBYO e-cards!

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Movement Minyan: Activating Potential Via Embodied Jewish Wisdom

Videos with Mitsui Collective

Humans are born movers … but how intelligent are you in your movement? Whether as an athlete, dancer, musician or simply human, Jewish movement minyan videos create dynamic, engaging, and seriously playful learning that will enable you to bring greater intention, skill, and range to the ways you move and generate embodied creative expression. Learn elf-care, wellness, and long-term resiliency building practices that you can draw from anytime.

Provence Style Dinner Set


Make Mental Health the Center of Your Shabbat Conversation

Any Friday, engage in powerful conversation, connect with others and create a community of caring and inclusivity. Use Blue Dove Foundation's Shabbat toolkit to show that Mental Health education and support is a priority in the Jewish community. Help eliminate the shame and stigma often associated with the topic.  It’s time to #QuietTheSilence.  

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7:30 PM EST

Flowers Aren't Enough

Organization: Shalom Bayit of JF&CS

Audience: All Are Welcome


A gripping one-woman play about dating and domestic violence by Israeli playwright and actress Naomi Ackerman.

Image by Tim Mossholder

MAY 11


Mental Health Giving Experience

Organization: Honeycomb

Audience: Youth Educators

Engage in ways of giving which support mental health and well being. Get immersed in a giving experience personally to awake you to the possibilities of programming you can offer your teens to be empowered to understand and support mental health.

MAY 20

1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

Identity and the Arts

Organization: ReelAbilities Film Festival and MNJCC

Audience: Tweens


Students will watch ReelAbilities short film "Full Picture". Following the film screening, Aiden Lee, abstract painter and disability advocate will guide students in creating 2-3 unique pieces of art that focus on identity and self expression.

Image by Jason Rosewell


Screaming Meditation

Organization: Foundation for

Jewish Camp

Audience: Camp Professionals and Staff


The world is loud and busy. Even when stuck at home, we all take in so much throughout our days: zoom meetings, emails, social media, being cooped up with the same people all day long… So much information coming in and very few opportunities to let it out. Screaming Meditation is a form of release, a way to center yourself, to find a little quiet inside by letting some of the noise out. Follow these pre-recorded videos and written outline at your own pace. (Created by Jonah Canner as part of Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Cornerstone Fellowship – you need not be a camp counselor to enjoy!)

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The Blue Dove Foundation Compilation of Resources

Organization: The Blue Dove Foundation

Audience: All Are Welcome


The Blue Dove Foundation is excited to curate a special set of resources and programs, both independently and in partnership with like-minded organizations. These resources and programs have been created with different audiences in mind and aim to touch a diverse group of Jewish community members.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Collecting These Times: American Jewish 

Experiences of the Pandemic

COVID-19 has altered the way people engaged with their communities and religious practices. Collecting These Times connects American Jews to Jewish institutions and other collecting projects which can gather and preserve their experiences of the pandemic. Individuals can find relevant collecting projects through the portal and easily contribute materials such as images, videos, audio recordings, documents, and oral histories to collecting institutions in different parts of the U.S.

Image by Dakota Corbin


Combat Your Own Stress By Caring for Others During This Time of Uncertainty 

Repair the World is continuing to mobilize the Jewish community to care for the most vulnerable.  With increased time at home, consider volunteering online. Helping others can reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose. Our tradition teaches that healing should not be isolating, , and even those who are well require support during times of distress. 


10:00 - 11:00 AM EST

Mental Health Morning

Organization: TBDJ

Audience: Adults 18+

UnMASKing COVID: Strategies & Tolls for Staying Strong & Well in the Days Ahead

Solar Eclipse

MAY 12

7:30 - 9:00 PM EST

The Big Gather: A Sacred Space for Women to Connect to Women

Organization: At The Well

Audience: Women-identifying people ages 18+

This New Moon we welcome you to shine light on the women in your life: an awesome friend, sister, mentor, daughter, mother, grandmother, etc! Invite them to connect together with you in virtual sacred space. Together we will form an inter-generational Well Circle of epic proportions!


At The Well Well Circles are inspired by the Jewish ritual of Rosh Chodesh - women gathering on each new moon to reflect, connect, and create intentions. For women, by women, this is a time for us to rise together.

MAY 20

3:00 PM EST

Developing Personal Resilience to Better Support Ourselves, Our Teams and Those We Serve

Organization: Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies

Audience: Professionals


Professional burnout is well documented and has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Often ‘self-care’ is recommended, however studies have shown that those suggestions are limited and not very effective. In this workshop, Tricia will share practical and tactical tools based in research and neuroscience to cultivate resilience and develop post-traumatic growth as we re-orient toward the future.

Image by Max van den Oetelaar


Mussar Minutes:

Breath, Virtues, and

a Mental Health Mindset

Organization: Foundation for

Jewish Camp

Audience: Camp Professionals and Staff


Be guided, and guide your own breath through ten different middot (soul traits), one minute at a time, with Jewish camp enthusiast and educator Becca Sykes. Relax during a short intro video, then head to the playlist. Follow each one, or pick and choose based on your needs.

Image by Kate Macate


Gratitude Cards

Organization: The Blue Dove Foundation

Audience: All Are Welcome


Sending notes of love and gratitude help boost mental health and overall well-being for the sender and receiver. You are welcome to send as many free e-cards as you wish. Please include your name in the message.

Far Away Poster 4


Use Your Words: Storytelling for Strength and Sanity 

With Aaron Henne / Theatre Dybbuk


Stories - those we tell ourselves and others, help us understand our place in the world. They help form memories, and deep connections. It is through stories that we experience deep emotions and make sense of behaviors. Jewish people are storytellers at heart. This interactive workshop will teach you storytelling exercises you can incorporate into you daily lives as well as creative visualizations that will help you capture and comprehend the complexity of these times. 



Host A Virtual Dinner Party To Address the Most Important Conversation 

The way we die is the most important conversation Americans are not having. Talking about death is not easy and we’re not used to it, but we believe that this conversation ultimately helps us appreciate the fullness of life.  Download a ready-made kit for a curated conversation guide - all the more important and poignant at this time.